The Pink City Jaipur

About Us

The Pink City Rickshaw Co. is a unique innovative initiative of ACCESS Development Services, a not for profit organization and aims to provide a new aspirational employment opportunity to 200 women from low income households in Jaipur. Skilled to ply custom designed e-rickshaws, they have enrolled as equity holders in the Pink City Rickshaw Co. that they now proudly own and manage.

Experience the medieval mystique of the walled city in these unique and custom designed, ecofriendly rickshaws driven by smart, enthusiastic and well trained women. The well planned tours of the important tourist attractions of Jaipur and the novel circuits provide you the best sights, a chance to soak in the local culture and give you an experience like none other.

While providing economic opportunities to these poor women, the initiative also advocates for an environment friendly means of transport to address the growing pollution levels in the country.

Welcome aboard this innovation on wheels and explore the secrets of the heritage city of Jaipur.

ACCESS Development Services

ACCESS Development Services is a national livelihoods support organization with focus on incubating innovations for sustainable livelihoods of the poor in both farm and the non-farm sector.

ACCESS, headquartered in New Delhi, is structured uniquely, to work at all levels of the development sector value chain. It is engaged in sustainable livelihoods program in 9 states of India.