The Pink City Rickshaw Co. is a unique innovative initiative of ACCESS Development Services, a not for profit organization and aims to provide a new aspirational employment opportunity to 200 women from low income households in Jaipur. Skilled to ply custom designed e-rickshaws, they have enrolled as equity holders in the Pink City Rickshaw Co. that they now proudly own and manage.

Experience the medieval mystique of the walled city in these unique and custom designed, ecofriendly rickshaws driven by smart, enthusiastic and well trained women. The well planned tours of the important tourist attractions of Jaipur and the novel circuits provide you the best sights, a chance to soak in the local culture and give you an experience like none other.

While providing economic opportunities to these poor women, the initiative also advocates for an environment friendly means of transport to address the growing pollution levels in the country.

Welcome aboard this innovation on wheels and explore the secrets of the heritage city of Jaipur.

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ACCESS Development Services is a national livelihoods support organization with focus on incubating innovations for sustainable livelihoods of the poor in both farm and the non-farm sector.

ACCESS, headquartered in New Delhi, is structured uniquely, to work at all levels of the development sector value chain. It is engaged in sustainable livelihoods program in 9 states of India.


Amazing company with a good cause

If you’re looking for a tour of Jaipur look no further than the Pink City Rickshaw Company. Not only are the Rickshaw’s an awesome shade of pink, your contribution helps to give ladies from poor income households and slums a living wage! I felt safe and had an excellent time with my beautiful driver Komal at the wheel.
They’re highly professional and really care about you having a great tour of Jaipur

Lovely customized shopping tour

I had a blast with the Pink City Rickshaw team! They customized my tour on my last day in Jaipur and we had a great chat about their work and organization. Highly recommend and wish I knew about this earlier. Looking forward to future collab possibilities with PCR and Access Dev.

An Excellent Way to See Jaipur!

I took the morning Wake up with Jaipur tour and had Renu as my guide. She was absolutely wonderful- friendly and all smiles. I loved that the tour, while visiting major attractions, still felt more authentic – giving an insider look to the every day life in Jaipur. I had a wonderful experience, had the opportunity to check out locations that I otherwise, perhaps, wouldn’t have and helped support a phenomenal mission of empowering women and minimizing poverty. Love what Pink City Rickshaw is doing with their initiative and wish them all the best. Would highly recommend their tours!

Don’t hesitate to book a tour with Pink City Rickshaws, Jaipur

Did a great morning tour with the very lovely and ever smiling Anita this morning – such a unique way to see the city. She was a fabulous host, her driving was immaculate (put the rest of Jaipur drivers to shame) and I really appreciated the care she took looking after us both – I would highly recommend taking a tour with Pink City Rickshaws, not just because of the amazing female empowerment project at the heart of it’s being, but also because the ladies also really give you a great tourist-friendly (no commission shopping being pushed) experience. BOOK NOW!

Women rickshaw drivers at the vanguard – go ladies go!

Spent an enjoyable two hours with this women owned and run social enterprise which trains disadvantaged women to be rickshaw drivers as a way of economically empowering them. Ranu our driver was great and took us on a tour, with stops at interesting places. Whilst it was a little more expensive, you know that profits are being ploughed back to support more women. Travel in style whilst making a difference.

Bookings to be made 24 hours in advance please.